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I am a small town Iowa girl whose love for pop culture, digital media and design lead me to pursue a career in Advertising. My knack for problem solving is rooted in creativity and executed with poise. As a natural born leader (aka the oldest sibling) I bring groups together to reach a common goal. 

I enjoy working in advertising because every day comes with a new challenge. I like to tackle these challenges from both a strategic and creative approach. My experience in account management and creative advertising set me apart from others in the workforce. I able to work with numbers and analytics but also have the capability to write and design. 

After I graduate from Drake University in May 2017, I hope use the skills I’ve gained through experiences on and off campus to work in Client Services or Social Media. I am excited to tackle every challenge that comes with the fast-paced, ever-changing advertising industry as I further my career.

Feel free to connect with me on social media and check out my hashtag #hiremebv to learn more.