How Snapchat went from Sexting App to Success Story

How Snapchat went from Sexting App to Success Story

What began as an app critics claimed to be used for “sexting” is now a key component to many social media campaigns in the world of marketing. Like many other digital platforms, Snapchat may or may not be relevant to the audience being targeted; however, recent updates and features make this app more valuable than ever.

Lets talk numbers.

All these numbers have been spiking since Snapchat’s release in 2013. Because of Snapchat’s popularity, they have made it easier for marketing to play a role in its platform.

I personally found success with Snapchat’s on-demand geofilter option as a way to connect students with activities around campus. This feature is cheap, targeted and fun for both the marketer and the user. As a member of the marketing committee on Student Activities Board in April 2016, I decided to use Snapchat on-demand filters to engage students on campus with our Drake Relays activities. Our most successful filter was used at the street painting event.


Total Cost = $5.51


368 uses led to 29,472 views

Local business and non-profits have a huge opportunity to use this platform as well. It provides an option to use a free, permanent geofilter to highlight venues, resturants or other places people enjoy going to. Its also a great tool to use for interacting with consumers. Whether it be a behind the scenes look at an event or a contest, snap stories provide a platform for brands to encourage their consumers to engage with them.

Overall, Snapchat has evolved into much more than a private messaging tool. Since its launch in 2013, Snapchat continues to grow and mature with its users. Any business or organization can benefit from its features-even on a national level. Tastemakers and marketers should be excited to continue exploring the benefits of this success story as it continues to grow in the next few years.